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What we do

  • We deliver innovative STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, math + arts) workshops and programming as part of new media art and science festivals and museums, planetariums and other public platforms. 

  • We connect new media artists to schools, art and science organizations and festivals.

  • We provide students with real world experience and exposure at a professional level.

How we do it

We design, create and coordinate new STEMarts projects or match individuals and schools with existing STEMarts projects that align with our proven STEMarts learning model.

We center our approach on our STEMarts Portal which provides a blended learning environment that combines several innovations which deepen and personalize the learning/teaching experience, including:

  • A ‘hub’ of accessible STEMarts projects that integrate new media art practices as a way of knowing and understanding science/technology concepts. 

  • Virtual and real chats with STEM professionals and peer mentors to grasp challenging science/technology concepts.

  • Access to Art-making apps that develop STEM skills.

  • Publishing interface to showcase STEMarts projects, student-created work and a communication forum to facilitate exchange (coming soon).

  • Access to local, national and international design challenges, events and festivals where students can be a part of real-world projects.

Who do we serve?

  • Middle school and high school students and teachers looking for exciting 21st century learning opportunities.

  • STEM and STEAM institutions looking to enhance their programming.

  • Adminstrators wanting to create a STEAM program in their school.

  • Interdisciplinary creative professionals in Art and STEM looking to teach/mentor youth through their work/projects.

  • Anyone interested in participating or collaborating with us in our STEAM projects.

STEMarts Learning Model

WHO: STEMArts Collaborations are interdisciplinary and multicultural, bringing together students, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, teachers and other creative hybrids.

WHAT: Thinking beyond the box. We are exploring collaborations that dissolve the boundaries between subject areas and explore multi-sensory approaches.

WHEREThe collaboration could happen anywhere and could include multiple sites. i.e. meet in a classroom to brainstorm, collaboration continues virtually through online exchange and research, a participatory event is organized for a site in the community.

HOW: The STEMArts project is a hands-on collaboration where the creative professional and students work as a team to create object, environment, event, etc. The process is interactive and participatory, engaging multiple modalities (visual, kinesthetic, interpersonal, etc.)

WHY: We are encouraging collaborations that explore the Why and not just the How to. Our focus is on collaborations with social purpose that increase our understanding and connection to the self, our environment, and our societies.

STEMArts Partners