BIOTA Exchange

BIOTA Exchange is a data visualization mixed reality (MR) event that is evolving from the BIOTA installation commissioned by 516 Arts for the Species in Peril Along the Rio Grande exhibition. The artist explores biodiversity loss through the micro-macro lens of sensing technologies. From DNA sequencing to nanotechnology to satellite remote sensing, how are these new tools expanding our understanding of nature? What are the ethical implications and how are they being used to help or harm biodiversity on the planet? How can we combine art, science and technology to investigate, raise awareness and explore new solutions?

BioSTEAM International invites students from classrooms in New Mexico to partner with students in Lisbon, Portugal and Guadalajara, Mexico to participate in this interdisciplinary collaboration. Students meet with the facilitators through a series of Mixed Reality (MR) workshops, participate in DIY experiments which they can do at home or in a classroom, and experience meaningful exchanges with their peers from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The project culminates with the BIOTA Exchange mixed reality installation to be exhibited at the Atomica Science Festival in Oeiras/Lisbon Portugal and multiple venues. Program begins spring 2021.

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