BioSTEAM International

The COVID pandemic is deeply affecting our educational institutions and how we relate to each other. Students and teachers are required to work/study from home in isolation creating an urgent need for innovative ways to interact, teach and learn online. Travel bans and heightened health security measures are leading to cancellations of international field trips, reduced international travel and intercultural exchange. Meanwhile, global protests around race and culture, and the increase of immigration and refugees, have created an environment of misinformation and fear of "the other".

At the same time, COVID has brought to the forefront the connection between the destruction of earth’s natural resources and wildlife diversity and the rise of pandemic diseases. It is not a coincidence that the rise in wildlife-borne diseases has occurred alongside increasing human encroachment on nature and a rapidly changing climate.

It is more urgent than ever for our youth to be informed and inspired to respond to the complex challenges of the 21st century with empathy and humanity. To this end, students need opportunities to develop relationships with other students from diverse geo-cultural backgrounds with more focus on the humanitarian and ecological challenges of our time. With travel restricted, we believe that an innovative mixed reality learning platform with a built-in exchange program that creates opportunity for interpersonal exchange and collaboration across borders can fill this urgent need.

BioSTEAM International is an international youth exchange program that facilitates communication and collaboration between youth leaders around the world through the BioSTEAM Curriculum Tool platform. The goal is to encourage intercultural respect, creative expression and scientific literacy as students collaborate on a sci-art installation that is presented at festivals in the partner country.

How we do it

We connect middle and high schools in the U.S with schools in participating countries through a partnership with U.S. Embassies. Our first partners are the U.S Embassy and Consulate in Portugal and the U.S Consulate of Guadalajara Mexico. More countries will be added as the project evolves.

Teachers are matched with a partner teacher in a country and select the students that will participate in the BioSTEAM project. Students participate in a workshop led by the artists and an
interdisciplinary team of instructors/guest speakers. The virtual workshop is delivered using green screen interactive technology to introduce and guide them through the project. Students in partner countries communicate and collaborate as youth ambassadors representing their countries. We work closely with the teachers to help guide the students. The format allows students to work from home or classroom. The student's research and designs become part of the mixed reality projection at festivals in host countries.


    • Develop social and intercultural skills through an international collaboration.
    • Contribute to a collaborative international installation.
    • Experience how students from other cultures and languages see and create.
    • Learn about cutting edge science and environmental policies
    • Live and design with nature. Discover sustainable solutions to humanitarian and ecological challenges.
    • Collaborate with our partners who work to protect biodiversity.


    • Offer an exciting real world activity for your students that is easy to implement.
    • Develop partnerships with teachers in different countries to share ideas.
    • Become part of an international BioSTEAM experience with your students!



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