Rio Fernando Park

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  • Video: Eating Wild at Rio Fernando Park
    Cebastien and Robin from DryLandsWild show the YCC how to eat a wild lunch at Rio Fernando Park.
  • Video: The Rio Fernando Collaborative
    The Rio Fernando de Taos Revitalization Collaborative is a dynamic collective of individuals, elected leaders, organizations, and government entities working to revitalize the Rio Fernando by improving water quality and ecological function, restoring acequia systems, strengthening working land capacity, and connecting people to the river and land they love.
  • Bat Conservation International Species Profiles
    Check out species profiles of bats around the world in this online library by Bat Conservation International. Search by state to find out which bats you might find locally.
    "As a cross-disciplinary light and environmental artist, Ana MacArthur is interested in functioning as a creative catalyst, by excavating nature’s processes and connected metaphors through the specific lenses of life’s relationship to light, environmental intelligence, and appropriate technology."
  • Edible NM Magazine article: Creative Pollination
    Los Foodies is a community. Los Foodies is you, Los Foodies is us. Los Foodies is new Mexico cuisine. We are a group of Foodies who are constantly in search of the best that the new Mexico Food and Beverage industry has to offer.
  • Online Radio: Bat-lovers unite! Monitoring, protecting and loving our flying mammal friends
    The Taos Land Trust has been monitoring the bat population at Rio Fernando Park in Taos, New Mexico for over a year. How do we do it? Bat expert Mike Balistreri explains the scientific process of monitoring bats, the status of bat populations in northern New Mexico and dives into the importance of bats for our ecosystems. Find out more about the 20 species of bats found at Rio Fernando Park in the Taos Land Trust's radio show.
  • Video: Kids Nest Building Timelapse
    On August 18, 2018 the Taos Land Trust hosted a community event to gain feedback on the draft master plan for Rio Fernando Park - a public space the land trust is creating in the center of Taos, New Mexico. Local artists came to lead kids and adults alike in the creation of giant landscape-scale bird nests.
  • Video: The Making of Rio Fernando Park
    The Taos Land Trust (TLT) is in the process of revitalizing a 20-acre property with 13 acres of historical agricultural land and 7 acres of wetland next to Fred Baca Park in the center of Taos, New Mexico. This project will revitalize a section of the Rio Fernando River, bring an acequia back to life, and restore the once-productive agricultural lands of this property. Once finished, the site will provide our community and its visitors with downtown access to the river and green space through a network of trails. The ongoing rehabilitation work will also be used for educational demonstrations of best practices for conservation of soil, water and habitat.
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