African fractals - Culturally Situated Design Tools (CSDT)

 African Fractals - this lesson enables you to explore fractal geometry in computing and science and apply that knowledge to African Designs.

Culturally situated design tools use information technology to "translate" from local knowledge and low-tech practice, to high-tech domains such as math, computer graphics, architecture, etc. Culturally-situated design tools allow knowledge to move in both directions across the digital divide.

Many cultural designs are based on mathematical principles. Ron Eglash is the ethnomathematician whose software Aros used at Explora. Grafitti Grapher will help you create graffiti images on the computer by using these geometric concepts. (, 2012)

He has a great TED talk about African fractals as well




Keywords: Culturally Situated Design Tools (CSDT) Geometry hi tech low tech Mathematics

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