Visit ISEA2012 exhibit

The purpose of this field trip is for students to have a real world experience of this exciting symposium on the subject of art, technology and nature. They get to see the works of the featured artists that they will be studying in this project, and see how each artist uniquely explores the machine wilderness theme.

If you are able to take your class to a field trip to the ISEA2012 exhibit, schedule in advance with the museum so that they are prepared for your visit. If you are not able to take your class to your students will be exploring the artists virtually through this website.

Have student fill out the ISEA2012 Exhibit Survey on paper or online before the field trip.

You can have them fill out this form before and after completing the project to see how the experience has impacted students.

If you choose the online version we will send you a link to browse the responses online using SurveyMonkey.

Print out copies of the MUSEUM HANDOUT for each student and bring to the exhibit .

Each student should have the handout and a notebook.

Pick one piece to discuss as a class and ask these questions to open a dialogue.

Ask the students to explore the exhibit on their own and write down their answers in their notebook.

When you return to class after the field trip, have students share the questions they focused on and what they experienced.

Set a day to review the website and the ISEA2012 project with the students. Explain that they will be seeing the works of these and other artists at the exhibit, and that they will be sources of inspiration for their own creative projects.