STEMarts Wiki

Search this open source wiki for links to learn more about the type of art, medium and STEM topics  explored in "The Matter of Memory" project. We suggest starting with trying to make a phenakistoscope disk an early animation tool and explore the work of Edward Muybridge. This activity introduces artists and techniques that have been a big influence on Hector’s work.

You will also find links to articles, images, video, tutorials and more to provide a starting point for your research in creating an art piece or project inspired by "The Matter of Memory"  project.

If you have find anything interesting on your own, please consider sharing it in this open forum.
Remember the resource is an open forum that shares links and ideas that others have found, but always check your sources and give credit where credit is due.  The open source movement generously shares its knowledge and relies on users and sharers´ feedback – so if there’s something really good or doesn’t work let others know.