How it works

The concept is simple. All the content is organized around featured ISEA2012 artists, who are working with exciting new mediums and interdisciplinary concepts that serve as a springboard for learning. Each artist is highlighted on a page where you can see examples of their art, read artist interviews talking about their creative process, and explore/contribute to our Wiki-Resource including activities, articles, tutorials and other content based around the STEM topics found in the artists´ work. Students participating in the ISEA2012 project travel through these pages, investigate the tools, and select an artist or topic as a model for their own art piece. They are guided through the project using the STEMArts Design Tool, which is based on core science standards and P21 Framework for 21st Century Learning. Teachers co-collaborate and mentor students through the process with a lesson plan, online assessment tools, and handouts.

Getting to know the website

Read the ABOUT page to get an overview of the vision and curriculum features.

Explore the HOW IT WORKS page to understand how the content is organized throughout the website pages. This section includes relevant content for students, teachers, or anyone interested in ISEA2012 themes.

Go to EXPLORE ARTISTS page to access the Artist Directory to enter individual artist portal pages.

The ARTIST PORTAL pages are where students will access most of the content. This section includes many tools outlined in the HOW IT WORKS page.

The TOOLS page contain tools that assist in the learning and teaching process. This may be the ISEA2012 Exhibit Survey, the Design Tool for students, or the Teacherʼs Lesson Plan.

The WIKI-FORUM is a resource for the educator with research reports, practical activities, interesting projects and links to other resources.

In the ISEA2012 FAQ, we are gathering ISEA2012 terms, including often confounding terms such as data visualization, DIY, and Arduino controllers. This FAQ is a wiki that allows anyone to add and edit terms.

In the STEM CONCEPT TOOL , you will see the artist photo slider. Select an artist to take you to the page that outlines the STEM concepts associated with each artist project.

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