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Throughout the curriculum, there will be links to tools that assist in the learning and teaching process. This may be the STEMArts Survey for administrators, the Design Tool for students, the Museum Handout for the ISEA2012 exhibit, or the Teacher’s Lesson Plan. But how do you find it, when you need it later? We have compiled the tools for you in this directory for easy access.

ISEA2012 Visitor Tools

The world of SciArt has technical terminology that can be overwhelming. This FAQ offers definitions, as well as general information about ISEA2012. Help us expand the database by adding your own knowledge to this interactive forum.

Teacher Tools
Lesson Plan

Using a *21st Century Framework, teachers are provided with a lesson plan, online assessment tools, and handouts to co-collaborate and mentor students as they research and create their own art projects.

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ISEA2012 Exhibit Survey

See how the ISEA2012 conference has impacted students´ perceptions about STEM and Art fields of study, and what they have learned from the experience.

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Museum Handout

Print out this handout, and bring it to the ISEA2012 exhibit for thought provoking questions that will engage your students in dialogue about the cutting edge art and the STEM concepts they explore.

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A repository for contributions from a range of disciplines and perspectives including research reports on ART/SCI education, and integrated approaches to learning.  Sometimes theoretical, sometimes philosophical, the wiki will also include practical activities, interesting projects and links to other resources.

Student Tools
STEMArts Design Tool

Print out this handout which outlines the *STEMArts Design Tool steps, and use it to journal and sketch as you develop your idea. Each step includes valuable tips to encourage and support you along the way.

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Artist Interview

A survey completed by each featured artist is included on each Artist Portal. Read through the interviews to learn about the artists´ creative processes through their own personal stories. Then, pick an artist(s) as a role model to inspire your own piece.

*STEMArts Design Process Quiz

Take this quiz to see what you have learned from the experience. This series of questions outlines the distinct phases of the design process as described in the STEM Standards for Engineering Design. Test your 21st Century skills, and see how you fare.

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Troubleshoot Guide

Sharpen your troubleshooting skills. As part of the Test and Refine stage, the *Troubleshoot Guide helps examine what worked and did not work, analyze problems, and review the process in order to evaluate what needs to change in order to improve the design.

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Feedback Guide

Get constructive feedback. The *Feedback Guide helps evaluate whether the design meets your expectations, reviews what you want the audience to get out of the work, and improves your ability to give and receive feedback.

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Reflective Log

Get the big picture. These open ended questions in the Reflective Log helps you reflect on how you think you did with each phase of the process, what you learned, and what you would do differently next time.

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