What is electronic art and ISEA's definition of "electronic art"?
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Date: 9/2/2011 11:53 am
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ISEA International defines "electronic art" as art that cannot be created without electronic means. This includes both visual and performing arts. It means, for example, that computer software, the Internet, databases, wireless devices, electronic components or physical computing has played a role in the creation of the work. This does NOT mean that the work itself must include a screen, projector, embedded computer or electronic components.


Wikipedia definition:

The term electronic art is almost, but not entirely, synonymous to computer art and digital art.[1] The latter two terms, and especially the term computer-generated art are mostly used for visual artworks generated by computers. However, electronic art has a much broader connotation, referring to artworks that include any type of electronic component , such as works in music, dance, architecture and performance.[2] It is an interdisciplinary field and so artists often collaborate with scientists and engineers when creating their works....Electronic art is often, but not always, interactive. ."[3] Artists make use of technologies like the Internet, computer networks, robotics, wearable technology, digital painting, wireless technology and immersive virtual reality.