STEMarts Lab partnered with the KERNEL X- Light Art Festival in Monza, Italy in the summer of 2021. Students in Monza and students in New Mexico participated in an audiovisual 3D mapping onto the architecture of Residenza Ponte dei Leoni in the city of Monza. See the videos from the event!

KERNEL X is the first Italian light festival of international interest to take place in Monza. Between June and November 2021, audiovisual 3D mapping shows and interactive, light and sound installations will transform and enhance the historical and cultural context of the city center through an emotional experience capable of involving the interest and participation of a transversal audience.                   

The light festival will host audiovisual mapping projections developed with the involvement of emerging artists, students of Italian and international academies and elementary and middle school children. Marcello Arosio, Art Director of AreaOden and the Kernel X Festival says, “We’re very excited to connect students from Italy and New Mexico by giving them the opportunity to become the protagonists of a collaborative video mapping show, where they’ll share their own vision of the future through fantasy, color and the freest interpretation of architectural shapes.”

How it worked

For this design challenge the teachers from Raiberti plexus of Monza and the teachers of New Mexico schools were invited to engage their students in a simple and fun drawing activity onto a printed diagram of the building’s facade that captured their vision for a sustainable future. The student drawings from both regions were submitted to the video mapping artists in Monza who produced a creative reinterpretation of Residenza Ponte dei Leoni on July 2 - 11, from 9:30 p.m on a rotating schedule.     

To make this easy for teachers, STEMarts Lab created an Activity Guide that provided links and resources on how to engage students in “Futures Thinking” to inspire their drawings. Futures Thinking tells us that the future is not something that will happen to you tomorrow but is being created by everyone today. It is a literacy skill like reading and writing that allows people to better understand the role of the future in what they see and do. Futures Thinking is a mindset and we are all Future Imaginers!

Guidelines and Registration (Now Closed)

The Kernel X Festival accepted a maximum of 200 submissions from students age 9-13 in New Mexico. Teachers registered with STEMarts Lab indicating the number of students that would participate. Entries were accepted on a first come first serve basis. Once accepted registered teachers received an 11' x 17" printed template for each participating student and a digital packet with all the guidelines to get started. STEMarts Lab provided a drop off/pick up location for the drawings.

Thanks to the 197 participating students and their teachers and schools that made this collaboration possible!

Penasco Municipal Schools, Enos Garcia, Taos Integrated School of the Arts, Taos Pueblo Day School, Taos High School, Anansi Day School