Choose Media

The STEM Challenge gives you four media categories to choose from:

  • Poster | Video | App Concept | Essay

Click on each icon below to see and print the Media Guidelines for each category. You can access them all on the Guidelines and Tools page. The guidelines include:

  • Rubric: Each category has a rubric (evaluation criteria), which outlines the requirements and design elements that the judges will be looking for and its point value. 
  • Media Checklist: Each category provides a step-by-step checklist, which helps you to meet the rubric criteria. We suggest reviewing this checklist with your team on a regular basis to be sure you are meeting all the criteria. Each of these criteria are worth valuable points for the judges and will make the design process go much smoother.
  • Media Template: Each category also includes a template which gives you tips and guidelines specific to that media. For example, the poster template outlines the design elements that should be included in the poster.
  • Pinterest: We are requiring a Pinterest board per student or per team which documents your ideas, research and design process. Your Pinterest board is worth 20 points!

If you're a student, the most important questions is: What medium are you most drawn to? Writing? Creating visuals? Making music?

Choose the category that suits your preferred learning style.

Not sure what that is? Try taking this quick learning style quiz and find out! Then see who else in your class might be interested in the same media platform. This is another great way to choose teams, in addition to having a shared STEM innovation.