Guide and Support

The STEM Challenge website is part competition and part 21st century tool.

This means that, in addition to firing your students' imaginations and submitting their designs, you also get tons of helpful tools to innovate and express STEM concepts through creative media platforms.

In other words, there're plenty of great classroom tools to guide and support the entire process.

You can click on the icons below to access all the student handouts. Students can access them directly from the Student Tools.

Guidelines and Tools
Media Rubrics

This handout includes the rubric (evaluation criteria) for each media category; Poster, Video, App and Essay. Here you will find the criteria that judges are looking for and the points awarded for each criteria.

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Media Checklist

The Media Checklist includes an overview of the rubric criteria along with a list of tips and reminders for each category to help you stay on track with the Challenge requirements.

Media Templates

Media Templates includes a template of specific requirements for each media format; Poster, Video, App, and Essay.

STEM Design Tool Guidelines

The STEM Design Tool Guidelines provide a printable handout of the STEM Design Tool in the Innovate Design section. It includes more tips and tools to help your design process.

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Feedback Survey

Get constructive feedback. The Feedback Survey helps evaluate whether the design meets your expectations, reviews what you want the audience to get out of the work, and improves your ability to give and receive feedback.

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STEM Challenge Survey

This online survey shoud be completed after you finish your project to help evaluate your work and to share with us your process and experience.

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