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This wiki provides tips and resources on how to present, design, or create something that successfully communicates your idea. Whether you choose a video, poster, app, or essay, basic presentation principles will apply. Learning the strategies to communicate effectively will help make your design stand out. We have also included some resources on poster design, essay writing guidelines, and video making, but these are just starting points. Do your own searches online, talk with your family and friends, and discuss ideas with your teachers. Look for examples of designs that you like, and use them as guidelines for your own creation. Enjoy the process!

Remember, the STEM- Wiki  is an open forum sharing links and ideas that others have found – always check your sources and give credit where credit is due.  The open source movement generously shares its knowledge and relies on users' and sharers' feedback – so if there’s something that is really good  or that doesn’t work, let others know.

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If you want to search for something or add something to the wiki, enter the title in the search bar, and it will show you the related entries. It will also ask if you want to add a new page. Select and enter what you want to add including any links. Don't forget to add keywords to help people find it through the Tag Cloud. Thanks!


Featured Article: Creating an effective poster presentation

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George Hess | Kathryn Tosney | Leon Liegel

There are some excellent resources on this site for communicating your idea through a presentation poster.