Motomichi Nakamura

I was born and raised in Japan and also lived in Ecuador for 7 years. I believe my imagination was inflluenced by the Japanese Shinto, the native animistic religion of Japan that’s based on the idea that all things in nature are inhabited by spirits that can sometimes become supernatural monsters. As an adult I became fascinated by mythical and cryptozoological monsters which are often considered to be representations of our primal fear of death and societal anxieties. As I read the stories of these monsters the most fascinating part is the eyewitness accounts of encounters in which their feeling of fear and panic they felt are reflected onto the description of the monsters.

After studying Communication Design and Illustration at Parsons School of Design in New York I worked as a commercial web designer. I started working as a digital media artist since 2001 and over the years my work has evolved through the use of different media including Net Art, Animation, Video Installation, Painting and Live Video Mixing and Projection Mapping.

skills applied

  • Video mapping
  • Science applications
  • Engineering design concepts
  • Media and communication literacy
  • Learning and innovation skills


Imagine the environmental issue that you care about or experience in your daily life (for example air pollution from car or plastic bottles which are washed out in the river or lake). How does that affect you or animals in the wild? How do you feel? How do you think animals in the wild feel? Sad, upset, hopeless? How are their lives affected? If spirits in nature exist how do they feel? What would they do? How would they communicate their message to us?


STEAM wiki

Search this open source wiki to get ideas and resources for the STEAM Monster Design project. Here you will find links about the science concepts (i.e. environmental issues.) and about 21st century tools and tips in the form of articles, images, video, tutorials and more. This is designed to help with your research and exploration phase to design an original STEAM Monster.

If you find anything interesting on your own please consider sharing it in this open forum. Remember the resource is an open forum sharing links and ideas that others have found – always check your sources and give credit where credit is due. The open source movement generously shares its knowledge and relies on users and sharers feedback – so if there’s something really good or doesn’t work let others know.


Fasken Foundation, Andy Burns, Tom Greenbaum, Janet and John Mockoviack, Andrea Szekeres, Laurie and Craig Dunn,
Marcia Winter, Rob Nightinggale, Juniper Leherissey, Molly Robertson, Jane Prophet, Donna Karr, Julie Lake