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  • What is Digital Art?
    Digital art is a term and a practice that has been prevalent in the museums and contemporary art sectors since the 1960s. As technological advances mean that digital innovations are now pervading many more areas of our lives, the arts industry is starting to take the work of artists working in the digital realm increasingly seriously.
  • How we can hack the surfaces around us with projection mapping | Joe Crossley | TEDxUbud
    Can we use classroom walls to immerse our children inside a dividing cell to teach them biology? Can we hack photosynthesis and speed up the growth of plants to feed the whole world? Joe Crossley believes that the answer lies in projection mapping. At the intersection of art, science and technology, there is an exciting future taking shape and new solutions for old problems are appearing from the light technology now available.
  • Watch a dance performance change in real time with facial projection mapping
    “INORI (prayer)” is a dance performance video that uses real-time facial projection mapping to change the look of the dancer’s faces.
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