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  • Drainage basin hydrological cycle
    This video from Geophysical goes over key terms related to the hydrologic cycle and the environment.
  • 34 Water Projects (Arduino)
    These 34 water projects use the Arduino as sensors, quality monitors and in other applications.
  • Our Land: Climate Change and New Mexico’s Water Supply
    On this installment of Our Land, environmental correspondent Laura Paskus looks at how rising temperatures around the globe affect us here in New Mexico. She heads to the Rio Grande in Algodones to see how climate change is forcing irrigators to innovate.The interview is a companion piece to the broadcast of the national PBS series “Sinking Cities.”
  • Our Land: It’s not just one dry year: What the Rio Grande’s low flows tell us about the future
    You might be surprised to see how low the Rio Grande is through Albuquerque right now. The river has already dried for more than ten miles south of Socorro, and it’s running low in northern New Mexico as it runs through the Taos Gorge and alongside towns like Pilar. Learn more about New Mexico’s water future in this video.
  • What Do DESERT PLANTS Do Differently?
    Desert plants boast incredible adaptations for surviving in wastelands. Here are some ways desert plants battle the elements and survive long droughts in blazing heat.
  • What is a Watershed?
    Runoff from fields, lawns, and pavement could carry potentially harmful materials from our watersheds to our rivers. Even if you live, work, or play far from a river, your actions could have an impact on the quality of the water in the area. These effects could be felt far from the point of origin. This video from KET's Raindrops to Rivers shows how smaller watersheds flow into larger ones.
  • Why Do Rivers Curve?
    Find out why rivers curve in this Earth Minute video.
  • Xerophytes- Desert Adaptations for the Desert Lesson
    This CK-12 Lesson examines plants that are adapted to grow in dry environments and their special adaptations for water storage.
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