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  • A Gigantic Helium-Filled and Charcoal-Studded Sphere Covers Rooms with Unpredictable Designs
    Polish-German artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski gives buoyancy to the act of drawing with ADA, a large inflatable drawing tool. Filled with helium, ADA floats freely, making lines with its charcoal spikes as it moves through a room. More dramatic mark-making starts to occur when humans are added to the mix: the video above shows visitors engaging with ADA at Muffathalle where it was installed for a week in Munich, Germany.
  • This Entire Animation Was Drawn Frame by Frame on a Gallery Wall
    Artist Caleb Wood created this impressive animation that he drew frame by frame on a wall at Prøve Gallery in Duluth, Minnesota. Titled Plumb, he refers to the piece as a “gallery animation installation.”
  • Lize Mogel on Counter-Cartography
    Artist Lize Mogel discusses counter-cartography, an approach that involves looking beyond a map’s surface to reveal the politics of place.
  • William Kentridge: transformation with animation
    Artist William Kentridge talks about his process of repeatedly erasing and reworking charcoal drawings to create his well-known stop-motion animated films.
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