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  • A new star map of the Milky Way galaxy| Quartz
    The European Space Agency's Gaia satellite has created a catalogue of 1.7 billion stars, 600 million more than previously recorded. It's the most detailed star map of the Milky Way galaxy ever made. The star map offers astronomers and astrophysicists a breathtaking and revolutionary view of our home galaxy.
  • Lize Mogel on Counter-Cartography
    Artist Lize Mogel discusses counter-cartography, an approach that involves looking beyond a map’s surface to reveal the politics of place.
  • The most detailed map of galaxies, black holes and stars ever made | Juna Kollmeier
    Humans have been studying the stars for thousands of years, but astrophysicist Juna Kollmeier is on a special mission: creating the most detailed 3-D maps of the universe ever made. Journey across the cosmos as she shares her team's work on the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, imaging millions of stars, black holes and galaxies in unprecedented detail.
  • What's in the darkest part of the sky? The Hubble Deep Field
    What happens when you point the Hubble Space Telescope at the darkest part of the sky for 10 consecutive days? Find out in this Physics Girl video.
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