STEMarts International

Why International?

The COVID pandemic has deeply affected our educational institutions and how we relate to each other. Students and teachers have been required to work/study from home in isolation which created an urgent need for innovative ways to interact, teach and learn online. Travel bans and heightened health security measures led to cancellations of international and local field trips, along with opportunities for intercultural exchange.

It is more urgent than ever for our youth to be informed and inspired to respond to the complex challenges of the 21st century with empathy and humanity. Students need opportunities to develop relationships with other students from diverse geo-cultural backgrounds with more focus on the humanitarian and ecological challenges of our time. This climate is what inspired STEMarts International.

What we do

STEMarts International is an international youth exchange program that facilitates communication and collaboration between youth leaders around the world to encourage intercultural respect, creative expression and scientific-artistic-humanistic literacy. We connect classrooms in New Mexico with classrooms in participating countries through a 7-week virtual workshop that culminates with a sci-art installation as part of art and science festivals around the world. Our first STEMarts International project is called Space Messengers, and launched in the Spring 2021 with a classroom in Taos and Oeiras, Portugal. Students are paired with their team in the partner country and meet in weekly sessions with the Space Messengers artists and interdisciplinary experts to learn, discuss and share what they created during the week through the hands-on STEAM activities designed for the project and led by their teachers. The virtual sessions are facilitated by our trained STEAM Ambassadors who are alumni from past events, Woman/Girls STEMarts Apprentices, and alumni from the U.S. Youth Ambassador program. All students communicate and collaborate as ambassadors representing their communities and their countries. We work closely with the classroom teachers to help guide the students through the program, and in the process teachers receive training, stipends and certification which provides opportunities to lead their own international workshops and serve as mentors to new teachers. The STEMarts Curriculum Tool platform contains all the workshop videos, lesson guides, standard alignments and resources to create a classroom project. STEMarts International allows students to work from home or classroom to remain response to pandemic restrictions.


Develop interpersonal communication and ambassador skills through an international collaboration.

Learn about cutting edge science and environmental/space policies to develop scientific literacy.

Expand understanding of our connection to nature and the universe to develop environmental stewardship.

Create participatory art informed by science and designed to share with your community.

Collaborate with students from other countries and develop intercultural understanding and respect.

Become part of a collaborative international sci-art installation that will tour the world!

Have the opportunity to apply for apprenticeships for STEAM events.


Offer an exciting real world activity for your students that is easy to implement and aligned with the standards.

Develop partnerships with teachers in different countries to share ideas.

Become a certified STEMarts International teacher and receive stipends to participate in more exchanges.


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