STEMarts Metaverse

Our new and evolving STEMarts Metaverse is a virtual reality platform that will host STEMarts Mixed Reality (MR) installations with interactive VR experiences. We create a 3D model from each festival venue allowing the audience to experience current and past MR installations through the custom designed VR platform. Our first event is the Global VR Youth Day which launched as a pilot program at the Harwood Art Museum in 2021. Participating schools and community organizations join a private VR space where students from around the world interact with the installation and socialize with each other, in conjunction with the live festival event.

Teachers and students work with the STEMarts team in advance to learn how to create their own Avatars and VR objects and how to participate in the Global VR Youth Day as the installation travels to festivals around the world. A curriculum tool designed for middle and high school students allows the teacher to integrate the event into their curriculum to enhance the learning. Throughout the year and as part of the STEMarts International youth exchange program, we bring our virtual STEMarts Metaverse training workshops to schools in rural and under-served communities where access to the festival site is not possible, as well as to urban city centers, to form social VR bridges to the sci-art experience.

Students can choose to become STEMarts Ambassadors and serve as Avatar 'Experience Guides' helping new students to explore the VR space, and modeling responsible, positive and creative ways to interact with other Avatars in a virtual reality environment. The Global VR Youth Day is open only to registered schools in order to create a safe space for middle and high school age students. The STEMarts Metaverse also hosts virtual reality experiences that are open to the general public during the festival dates in conjunction with the on-site installation. The first Mixed Reality installation hosted on the STEMarts Metaverse is Space Messengers. Contact us to register for the 2022/23 school year: