STEMarts Ambassadors

The STEMarts Ambassador program is part of the STEMarts International youth exchange. STEMarts Ambassadors are individuals that are 19-29. Ambassadors receive training in order to serve as workshop and VR station facilitators and as 'Experience Guides' in person at the festival or as Avatars for the Space Messengers immersive installation that is traveling around the world. Through this experience they develop 21st century leadership and STEAM skills such as VR/design,ArcGIS and projection mapping. STEMarts Ambassadors meet and work with ambassadors from participating cities and countries and become part of the creative team with the opportunity to lead STEMarts programs in their communities, developing their intercultural communication skills. STEMarts Ambassadors are trained in the Space Messengers curriculum to explore the universe through the lens of particle physics, astrophysics, space science, space policy, native science and new media art. They learn to share this knowdge with others by developing their science literacy and communication skills. The video above captures the experience of STEMarts Ambassadors serving as experience guides at The PASEO Festival. (Video by Razorsharp Productions).

Dania Loya

My name is Dania Loya. I am from Taos, NM but recently moved out East and now I’m currently living in Cleveland, OH. I attended UNM and received my BS in Instructional Technology and Training. I am a multi-media artist primarily focusing on projection mapping installations displaying natural technology and Sacred Geometry. Currently, I am part of the Projecting Particles Collective as a STEMarts alumni and STEAM Ambassador for the International Space Messengers project. In my time in Cleveland, I have also brought in digital media art forms to my current organization and am working on a curating a project for a permanent projection mapping installation. Being a STEMarts alumni, I have been working on STEMarts projects since high school at Taos Academy in 2012 where I participated in the Corpus Electric presentation for the ISEA2012 festival in Albuquerque and co-created the jellyfish dress in collaboration with my team and Patricia Michaels as mentor.  Since 2014 I have been a PASEO Festival volunteer where I worked with cutting edge new media artists. I have also participated and show cased my collaborated work with BARTKRESA Studios in Denver, CO and Las Vegas, NV. I am excited to continue my journey with STEMarts Lab in the development of combining science and art into a collaborative piece. Teaching and creating are great passions of mine and am looking forward in sharing this experience with our next generation.

Joana D'arc Moreira

My name is Joana D'arc Moreira. I am from Janaúba Brazil and an undergraduate student in the Federal University of Uberlândia, studying International Relations. My personal interests in the field are the ones that allow me to understand social problems, such as gender, racial and economic inequality. Currently, I am researching the allegations of forced hysterectomies that happened in immigrant women in the US detention center. I strive to be able to do social changes through education and knowledge. I am interested in working with an International Organization or NGO that focuses on helping women and minorities, and until then I am part of projects like this one, because I believe in the changes caused by it. I am excited to continue being a STEMarts Ambassador because the project helped me expand my knowledge while I helped others do the same. Besides that, I love the idea of helping young leaders learn more about science and our world through art, because I believe that education it's the best way to do impactful changes in the world.

Caroline Assunção

Hi, my name is Caroline Assunção, I'm from northeast of Brazil, I'm 20 years old and nowadays I'm majoring in International Relations at Universidade Federal de Uberlândia (UFU). My interests and areas of study include international law, world's history, human rights, international politics, gender studies such as queer theory. My dream and goal in life is to explore the world, to learn every day about different things from my reality, to have a positive impact in the world somehow and to connect with people around the world. I'm so excited to be part of this wonderful project as a volunteer because it is an opportunity to be in contact with so many people, from different worlds that together we can learn so much from each other. I'm happy to contribute to the STEMarts International Space Messenger Workshop, because I know that education is the solution to many of the problems we face on earth.

Carolina Estrella Spiller

My name is Carolina Estrella Spiller. I’m from the western region of Mexico and, I’m graduating in International Relations at the University of Guadalajara. My areas of interest are Public Diplomacy matters, International Law, International Migration, and the cultural relationship of Mexico with the US. My main goal is to truly see the world around me, meet new people, know different cultures, experience different challenges, and, always, keep acquiring new knowledge. I'm thrilled about being part of the STEMarts Ambassador program because I believe that culture, education, society, and, cooperation are the core of development and progress. I look forward that through this international youth exchange, we can all make our reflections and actions change our future for the better.

Luara Dias

My name is Luara Dias.  I'm from Brazil and I have grown up in a small city from Bahia, called Poções. I am 20 years old and I study International Relations at the Federal University of Uberlândia, I'm in my third year of graduation. Since I got into college, I had a great interest in migrations subject and in my personal life I've always have a special  relationship with children. So, when I decided to start my academic research, I discovered that there was  a niche that united these two areas of interest of mine, so I started to dedicate myself to research on migrant children.
Now, I'm in my last two years of graduation, however, my plans for the future remain largely the same as when I entered in the university. I want to be a professor. For this, in Brazil, specialization degrees such as master's and doctorate are required, so my plans and goals for the future include continuing my academic career. But beyond my professional goals, I hope to be able to impact, even if in a simple way, the lives of other people. I strongly believe in a phrase from a Brazilian educator named Paulo Freire who said "Education does not change the world. Education changes people. People change the world." Like Freire, I am aware that I cannot change the world, but I hope that my work, in the future, can give people the freedom to think they need to start changing the society we are in. So, I am excited about the STEMarts Ambassador program because it is a space that aims to share knowledge and perspectives, in addition to providing me with a very unique exchange experience with people from different realities.

Diogo Duarte

Diogo is a 21 year old Portuguese student finishing a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering. In the past few years,  besides having a heavy education in programming, he developed a passion for UX/UI which he intends to follow as a career. Even though he has a high degree of interest in gaming and design, he still likes to be up-to-date and get to know everything related to technology.

Maria Matos

Maria is a 22 year old Portuguese student. She is finishing her Master's in Computer Engineering, focused on Human-Computer Interaction in Lisbon University. She likes to help people and this past year she discovered her passion in UX/UI Design, connecting people through technology. VR was introduced to her through classes of interaction technologies and animation, thus showing her a new world that she's eager to explore.

STEMarts Youth Ambassadors

The STEMarts Youth Ambassador program is for students ages 13-19. Ambassadors receive training in order to serve as VR station 'Experience Guides' in person at the festival or as Avatars for the Space Messengers immersive installation that is traveling around the world.  STEMarts Ambassadors meet and work with ambassadors from participating cities and countries and become part of the creative team. STEMarts Ambassadors develop ambassadorship,  leadership and intercultural communication skills, in addition to VR/metaverse design. Students serving as Avatar 'Experience Guides' help new students to explore the VR space, and model responsible, positive and creative ways to interact with other Avatars in a virtual reality environment. The STEMarts Youth Ambassadors below are from the Escola Secundaria de Sebastiao e Silva. They served as experience guides at the FIC.A festival in October 2022 with the guidance of their teachers, Ana Carvalho and Cristina Pinho, who are now certified STEMarts instructors. To become a STEMarts Ambassador please email us at

Carolina Lemos

Grade: 9th grade

Guido Rezende

Grade: 9th grade

Joana Branco

Grade: 9th grade

Mafalda Gorgulho

Grade: 9th grade

Manuel Monteiro

Grade: 9th grade

Manuel Proença

Grade: 9th grade

Pedro Guimarães

Grade: 9th grade

Rafael Balão

Grade: 9th grade

Rita Afonso

Grade: 9th grade

Diogo Velez

Grade: 12th grade

Guilherme Verdelho

Grade: 12th grade

Laura Galvão

Grade: 12th grade

Patrícia Galveias

Grade: 12th grade

Space Messengers is made possible in part by the Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund for U.S. Alumni; an opportunity sponsored by the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government and administered by Partners of the Americas. This project is supported in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, and by the National Endowment for the Arts

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