STEMarts Teacher Certification

Teachers that successfully complete the Space Messengers training receive the STEMarts Teacher Certification with the following benefits; Training Certificate, eligible to participate as leads in the "Year Two" program with a new cohort of students; and representation as accredited teachers in the Space Messengers network with opportunities to connect with other certified STEMarts teachers around the world. Certified teacher are also eligible to become STEMarts Coordinators to oversee student Ambassadors at Space Messengers events.

New Mexico, U.S.A

Katherine Sallah

My name is Kate Sallah and I have been teaching science at the Santa Fe Indian School, Santa Fe, NM since 2002. I currently teach Anatomy/Physiology, Intro to Middle School computer science, Intro to High School Computer Science and AP Computer science principals. In addition to these awesome classes, I sponsor several clubs at SFIS; Green Team, Born Braves(GSA), Cafe Scientifique, Ski Club, Soccer Club and new this year Gaming Club! I was in the Peace Corps for three year in The Gambia, West Africa (99-02), where I taught middle school science. I love to travel with my family, play soccer, ride mountain bikes, hike, run and read great novels when I have some down time. I started the Space Messenger program last year with my Intro to HS computer science and it was wonderful. I loved all the amazing guest speakers from various scientific backgrounds and the art my students created was beautiful. I am excited to share this program again with my new group of students and have my former students participate in the VR showcase.


Ana Carvalho

Ana Carvalho-Oliveira is a foreign languages teacher at Escola Secundária Sebastião e Silva, Oeiras, in Portugal. She currently teaches English, German, as well as Citizenship Education and ICT. Although she has pursued her studies and has a degree on Languages, Literatures and Cultures, she is also very much interested in science, space, nature and environmental protection, so she immediately accepted the invitation of her friend and physics colleague Cristina Pinho to join the School’s Live Science Club, where she has participated and developed many interesting projects. She likes using ICT platforms, digital tools and allowing students to develop their knowledge and 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, creativity and creative problem solving, as well as communication skills, autonomy and collaborative work. She is also an awarded eTwinner and enthusiast, who has developed several eTwinning/Erasmus exchange projects with her students and with different European schools. Ana participated as a lead teacher in the first Space Messengers workshopand her contributions such as creating Padlets and vídeo interviews with students have greatly enhanced the Space Messengers curriculum. Space Messengers has been an amazing experience for her and her students. Therefore, she is looking forward to repeating it with new groups of students. She is looking for teacher partners in any country to continue the international student Exchange.


Lorena Jasso

Hello! My name is Lorena Jasso and I'm 35 years old. I'm from Guadalajara, Mexico and I still live here. I love music, reading, and watching movies and TV shows. Also, I love to travel and discover new places, people, food, traditions, etc. This has helped me to keep on marveling at my surroundings. Currently, I'm an English teacher at a prep school belonging to the University of Guadalajara. I've been teaching English for 9 years to teenagers from 12-18 years old. I love working with young people! I'm always fascinated by their ability to create amazing things. I personally believe that what you work in doesn’t define who you are. Since I was a kid I’ve shown an interest in science. Although I didn’t pursue that path, I always want to learn more about how our universe works. Those are the reasons why, when they invited me to collaborate in Space Messengers, I immediately said yes. I'm glad you've shown interest in this program because it will allow expanding your vision of the universe around you. Looking from other angles and perspectives in life completes our own. A last word of advice... remain curious!

Elizabeth Arroyo

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Arroyo and I'm an English teacher at a high school from Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico. I'm also an EducationUSA adviser at an American Space, where we promote higher education in the US, activities that improve English language skills, and cultural activities that lead to mutual understanding through collaborations between Mexico and United States' initiatives, programs, educational institutions, and others. I got a MS in Environmental Education and participated in several projects that promote environmental ethics and citizenship. Space Messengers has been a great international experience for students and teachers, that involves learning, sharing, promoting critical thinking and creativity through science and art. I'm interested in collaborating in international projects that involve cultural and educational exchange, language learning, environmental education, and research.

Space Messengers is made possible in part by the Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund for U.S. Alumni; an opportunity sponsored by the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government and administered by Partners of the Americas. This project is supported in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, and by the National Endowment for the Arts

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