STEMarts Lab designs sci-art experiences that develop artistic, scientific and humanistic literacy empowering youth with essential 21st century skills.

Current Programs

STEMarts VR Stations

Seeking volunteers! Learn about the VR/XR/Metaverse and volunteer to become an ‘Experience Guide’ for the Space Messengers traveling installation through one of our STEMarts VR Station sites. Students from New Mexico and around the world interact with the installation and socialize with each other, in conjunction with international festivals. Register now to be a volunteer. Open to teens and adults.

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STEMarts Apprenticeship

Women/girls ages 14-19 become part of the international Space Messengers team and receive a $1000 stipend and customized training in STEAM areas including; programming, webdesign, XR/Metaverse design, projection mapping, data visualization, interactive design, and ArcGIS storymapping. Apprentices receive a $1000 stipend, discover and develop their creative interests, and gain experience with cutting edge science and technology as part of professional STEMarts events.

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STEMarts Ambassadors

As part of the STEMarts International exchange program, students can choose to become STEMarts Ambassadors. Ambassadors receive training in order to serve as workshop and VR station facilitators and as 'Experience Guides' in person at the festival or as Avatars for the Space Messengers immersive installation.  STEMarts Ambassadors meet and work with ambassadors from participating cities and countries and become part of the creative team with the opportunity to lead STEMarts programs in their communities.

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Fasken Foundation, Andy Burns, Tom Greenbaum, Janet and John Mockoviack, Andrea Szekeres, Laurie and Craig Dunn,
Marcia Winter, Rob Nightinggale, Juniper Leherissey, Molly Robertson, Jane Prophet, Donna Karr, Julie Lake